Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Boxes

Every year the kids make cute boxes to take to school to hold their valentines. When I am busy, we cover a box with stickers and call it good. When I have a few minutes, we make something good. 
Here's a link to the ones we made last year and here are a couple pictures. It can be hard to come up with a good Valentine box for a boy. They don't want anything too cute or frilly. 


This year they came to me with visions of what they wanted. It wasn't easy (took us an entire weekend) but here they are.

<--The Toilet Valentine's Box
The Toss Game Valentines Box-->

I was so pleased with the way they turned out. The toilet is a little rough around the edges. I could even it out with some sandpaper (and I do love my kids) I'm just not willing to spend 45 minutes sanding a toilet for them. :-)

Toss Game Valentine's Box 

Let's talk about the toss game first. We took a paper box - you know one of those boxes that paper comes in when you buy it in bulk? - and pulled one of the long sides down so it laid flat. Then we cut the remaining sides at an angle that would support the front panel. We covered it in red tissue paper and added hearts. So festive!

  We poked holes all around the particle board and inserted Christmas lights for bling-bling. We also used glue and painter's tape to make a white, glitter boarder before inserting the lights. As you can see here. 

We added the cutouts and glued on the words and shapes (I'm aware the s's are on backwards. It was done for a bit of whimsy as this is supposed to look like a carnival game.) Anyway, glued the front of the board to the box with hot glue, plugged it in and we were done. 

Third-grader LOVES it!

Toilet Valentines Box

When sixth-grader said he wanted a toilet that would flush I about died. I mean, flush? Come on! 
Turns out it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. We used white elastics to create tension to both hold the flap up and pull it down. We hid all the elastics and such in the box on the back. What would a toilet be without a tank?

So here's how it turned out. You lift the lid, put your valentine inside. (Notice the heart shaped seat? Cute right?)

Pull the handle.

And - PLOP goes your valentine. (See you can see how the flap drops down and then so does the treat.) When the handle is released the elastic pulls the flapper back up for the next person. I'm pretty sure no one else will have a box like this. 

Sixth-grader LOVES it!

I want to put his name on the top of the tank before he takes it to school. With such outrageous boxes I'm thinking of driving them in the morning. Good luck with your boxes this year. Let me know what you come up with - I still have many more years of Valentine's boxes to make.


  1. Holy Awesome, Batman!!!! These are absolutely amazing!!! You never cease to amaze and impress me!!! Great Work!!!