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Hello All and welcome to my blog! I hope you'll find easy recipes that you can use to teach your kids how to cook and bake.

This all started one Sunday afternoon when I was trying to pull off my nylons after church and I had four kids at my door asking for something to eat.

"There's turkey in the fridge. Go make a sandwich," I yelled.

I thought the silence was an indication that they had actually gone to make sandwiches. Then the oldest spoke up. "We don't know how."


Well, that afternoon the kids got a crash course in sandwich making. As I watched them squirt mustard and spread dressings on their meat I worried about the other things I wasn't teaching them. How would they survive if something happened to me. Hubby's kitchen skills mostly revolve around eggs and tacos. My kids would die of malnutrition.

If - by some miracle - I survived raising them, what would happen when they left the house? I shuddered to think that they would be at the mercy of the frozen pizza isle and the drive-through. What's a mom to do? I rolled up my sleeves and set to work.

The idea of teaching them to cook was a little overwhelming. Okay, it scared the crap out of me. How was I going to teach four kids - all at different ages and development levels - to use a hand mixer, the microwave, or (gasp) the oven? I decided that instead of trying to teach all of them everything at once, I would break up the lessons by recipe. Each recipe would teach a different skill or cooking tool.

The response has been incredible. This year (2013) our Superbowl snacks and dinner foods were 75% made by kids and husband! (Hubby made tacos. :-) Please join us on our culinary journey as I strive to teach my young chefs.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Awesome Mom! What you're teaching your kids and showing other moms what they can do with their own kids is going to have an affect on their entire lives.....so cool!