Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Cat's Tale

We are moving right along on the blog tour. Huge thanks to all those who have participated!

I had the most interesting morning.

I got up to go running about 6:45 (that's in the AM) and wasn't feeling quite my usual grrr to hit the pavement. 
On my way out to the dog run, I heard a meow from the garage. So I switched directions and went to find the kitten who sneaked in and was probably full of unauthorized dog food.

What I found, was a cat stuck to some wiring for out garage door opener. Her fur must have snagged on it and she'd twisted and turned trying to free herself and gotten stuck. I shudder to think how long she'd been there and what would have happened if I'd postponed my trip to the garage until after my run. 

With the kitten safely with it's mother, I saddled up my lab and we were off. 

It was a bad run. I just couldn't make myself go. Not a good sign for the race on Saturday.
(I think I have the stomach flu that's been working its way through the family. Yuck!)

When I got home, I let the dog of her leash and she high-tailed it to her water bucket. On the way, she startled one of our kittens who jumped and climbed to the highest spot she could find. Unfortunately, she couldn't get down on her own. 

Once again I rescued a kitten. Then I locked the dog in and went to go inside. When I turned the corner by the garage, I heard a meow - above me. I looked up and two more kitten were spooked up there. By now, I was starting to think I should grease the casing around the garage so they couldn't climb up there.

With all the cats/kittens safely on the ground, I headed inside for a drink. I was met at the door by a tearful Mr. Six. He explained, between huge gulps for air and a river of tears, that he'd gone to feed his pet grasshopper and when he opened the lid, said grasshopper jumped out and Flash, our mommy cat, ate him. 

So, I have one question:
Does you want a cat or kitten?

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